The perfect toolbox for pros.

Whether a competition cook, chef, reviewer or anything else, BBQpad Pro gives you the flexibility you need.

Perfect your cue. Then get out and win.

BBQpad is a secret weapon for pros. Armed with a BBQpad Pro account you get all the standard BBQpad features and some additional upgrades to help you get out there and win.

Private cooks. Do not disturb.

BBQpad Pro accounts allow cooks to be private so they cannot be viewed by anyone, and are not listed in the community features of BBQpad.

Public vs. Private cooks, you decide.

With your BBQpad account hot-rodded for private cooks you can freely choose whether each cook is publicly visible or private. This way you can enjoy the community features of BBQpad with public cooks, but keep your pro-related cooks private.

I don't need no stinking ads. Be gone.

All BBQpad Pro accounts have all ads removed. Enjoy the full functionality of BBQpad without having to look at the ads on your cook pages.

New features. VIP treatment.

Our Pro users will get access to new features as they become available, making your Pro account better and better value as BBQpad continues to grow and evolve. Oh, and Pro users will get access to many of these new features first.

Upgrade To BBQpad Pro $24/year

At just $2/month for these features and unlimited use of BBQpad, we think it is a pretty good deal. Want it? Just log into BBQpad and click the Upgrades button.