In our community, smoke is king.

BBQ is social food. BBQpad is social cooking, with sharing, discussion, and community features.

Your cooks. Anywhere

When you track your cooks in BBQpad your cooks are available online and you can share your cooks anywhere with the unique cook web address. Easily share your cooks with friends or if you are asking for help and tips on BBQ forums and communities, easily point people to your cook with all the details. Want your cooks to be private? No problem, just go pro.

Integrated discussion on cooks. Get chatty.

Integrated discussion on every cook encourages others to share their comments, advice, suggestions, and other thoughts during the cook and long after you have chowed down.

Share with a click. It'll blow your mind.

Share your cooks with anyone and anywhere with just a click with integrated Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on every BBQpad cook. Getting eyeballs on your hard work has never been easier.

Online cook offs. Bring your A-game.

Cook together with people from all over world with our online cook offs. Simply join the event, track your cook in BBQpad, and see everyone's cooks in one place.

In our community, smoke is king.

We are a community of BBQ fans and community is integral in BBQpad. See other pitmasters from the newbies right up to the most active pitmasters, see their cooks, photos from recent cooks, and more.