Track everything. Refine your 'cue.

Track everything about your cook, from the cookers to rating the food, and everything in-between.

Cookers and Foods

Track multiple smokers and grills, and multiple food items across those cookers. BBQpad includes a comprehensive database of cookers, woods, and fuels, as well every cut of meat and vegetable you can think of. If it isn't listed, just let us know, and we will add it!

Food Prep

Track your rubs, brines, marinades, and sauces used on your food items as well as other details about your prep so that when you nail that flavor profile, you know what you did and how to reproduce it.


Track the temperatures of any and all cookers and foods that you care about. Temperature graphs are automatically generated for your cookers and foods to show the temperature control and change throughout the cook helping you to identify places to refine your temp control.

Cooking Times

Track your cooking time automatically. When you tell BBQpad the item is on the cooker, we start the clock ticking for you. Also track the rest time, if applicable, for any food item.

Cook Updates

Track every change you make to your cook. Every time you adjust the cook, be it opening/closing vents, spritzing your food item, or anything else, you can record it in your BBQpad cook log. Everything is displayed step by step so you know exactly what you did. You can even attach photos to your cook updates.

Taste, Tenderness, and Appearance

When you have cooked your food, rate each item for taste, tenderness, and appearance, and BBQpad will generate KCBS-style cook scores for each item as well as an overall cook score. This provides a simple way to find your best cooks as easily as possible.


No cook would be complete without the mouth-watering photos! Add unlimited photos to illustrate your cook updates as well as photos for each of your cook items.

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